Is This how Project Natal looks like?

At D8 conference, Microsoft gave some glimpse of how Project Natal looks like when Microsoft’s director of marketing and communications for the Xbox team, Molly O’Donnell was giving live demonstration of the device. Engadget got some close shots of the device.

During the demonstration, Molly shows us Project Natal’s one-to-one body tracking technology using Xbox 360 avatars as an example. When Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg walked in the screen of view of Project Natal, a second avatar appeared on the screen.

Then she showed us a tech demo with the game “Richochet” where players kick ball on an onscreen wall. Molly tell users can use any part of their body whether its their arms, legs or anything including their crotch to kick the ball onscreen.

Here is the Project Natal’s demo in action at D8 Conference from AllThingsD.

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