MediaChef your way to yummy food


Want to be able to cook well without having to follow detailed lists of ingredients? Don’t want to get lost in the confusing instructions on print? Help is at hand!

Enter MediaChef – a digital cookbook from Belling that beats all stereotype cookbooks. Frankly, its no new feat. Its just digitizing of cook books, but not a lot of us saw this coming, did we?

Sitting pretty with an 8-inch screen, it boasts of 48 preloaded video cooking lessons and exclusive content featuring British celebrity chef Brian Turner. It comes with a remote that lets you pause, rewind, and play with ease.

Fortunately, you won’t have to stash it away when you’re not using the assisted cooking lessons. It doubles up as a digital photo frame, a music player or a Calender too!

No date of release has, yet, been announced but it is estimated to be priced in the range of $270.

[via engadget]

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